Recent News at AMDG

South Christian High School World View class office visit
Last week we welcomed students from the South Christian High School World View class into our office to discuss what it means to practice architecture with a Christian worldview.
Celebrating Adam
Celebrating Adams 10th AMDG Work Anniversary
Happy 10 year AMDG anniversary, Adam! Adam is a Project Manager and Associate, and can be best described as conscientious. His desk is meticulously organized, you can always count on his calendar to be updated (even months in advance), and he will never forget to return your pen!
St. John Paul II Groundbreaking
On August 19th 2018 AMDG was proud to celebrate the Rite of Blessing of the Site on our project of a new church for St. John Paul II with Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak, Bishop of Grand Rapids, for presiding over the event. It was incredible to witness the parish’s excitement and joy at taking this next step in growing their community.
Illiana Christian High School Ribbon Cutting
On Monday, August 20, 2018, AMDG was proud to celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Illiana Christian High School in Dyer, Indiana. This project culminates a 5 year journey we have been on with the Illiana community. Our hope is that this project will help Illiana deliver its mission, to: “graduate academically capable people with a comprehensive Christian view of life committed to the challenge of serving God and others”
South Christian High School Building Tour
On May 15th AMDG Architects and Dan Vos Construction Company led a tour of our project at the construction site of the new South Christian High School building.
AMDG Company Retreat
On March 2nd, AMDG Architects held its annual company retreat. We kicked off the day with a round of personal sharing, with each team member being given the floor to share accomplishments from the past year and goals for 2018. Hearing reflections from each other’s professional and personal lives deepens our relationships and helps us to work together as a team and to honor each other’s lives outside of the office.
Timothy Christian Middle School Grand Opening
On September 14th, members of the AMDG team celebrated with the Timothy Christian Schools community the grand opening of their new middle school, and the completion of Project IMPACT. We would like to thank the Timothy Christian Schools community for the opportunity to be a part of the team which delivered their new building; a space that will strengthen and support their mission: Serving God and His people, Timothy Christian Schools develops academically prepared Christian disciples who embrace Christ’s call to transform the world.
Our team is happy to have delivered a building with state of the art athletics facilities and 21st century learning spaces to equip Timothy Christian to more powerfully deliver their mission.
SS Cyril
SS. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church – Completion of new Fellowship Hall
AMDG was honored to serve SS. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church Gun Lake Parish and team with GDK construction on the new fellowship hall for the parish as is celebrates it's 100 year anniversary!
Group of people with shovels
South Christian High School Groundbreaking
Yesterday we witnessed a deeply meaningful groundbreaking dedication for South Christian High School. We are grateful to God for the privilege of serving the South community in being a part of the design and construction of the new school. Our prayer is that it will change the trajectory of how South delivers on its mission to equip students to live Christ-centered lives and serve God to their greatest potential!
Group of people at conference
AMDG Architects 2017 Retreat
This past Friday AMDG Architects held our annual company retreat to reflect on our personal and professional accomplishments of 2016. Our thanks goes out to Rockford Construction for letting us use their beautiful conference space.
Group of people with shovels and hard hats
Rehoboth Christian Groundbreaking
AMDG is honored to partner with Rehoboth Christian School and LAM-Rockford in the planning and construction of a new High School! We celebrate with the Rehoboth Christian School and local community, and are excited to have participated in the groundbreaking for construction of a 21st century learning environment that will strengthen the Rehoboth Christian School’s enduring commitment to vigorously academic, beautifully diverse, and thoroughly Christian education.
Rendering of exterior of building
The offical groundbreaking of the new South Christian High School Facility
The entire team at AMDG is excited to celebrate The Official Groundbreaking of the new South Christian High School Facility with the SCHS community, Dan Vos Construction Company and all of our other committed project partners on May 18th, 2017!