23 Years at AMDG – Congratulations to Don Cok on His Retirement

Don Cok celebrates his retirement from AMDG Architects as of December 16, 2022.

We have been blessed with having Don at AMDG for over two decades as one of our key teammates, and a significant amount of that time as a senior associate. During that time, Don has been a consistent and faithful team member and has helped AMDG develop into the firm it is today. Don’s specific contributions have been many and attempting to list them will ensure that we miss a few along the way. We do want to highlight Don’s technical expertise, his outstanding work with our specifications, our code reviews, our construction documents, our work during construction administration and the many ways Don has made AMDG better.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also highlight Don’s mentoring of our staff over the years and his desire to make our team members better as well! Don has been a team member that lived into our mission, “using our gifts and talents to serve others” and has been a champion of our core values. Don has been committed to excellence, is built to serve, is driven to improve, and is convicted by our mission. In many ways, Don personifies what it means to be an AMDG team member.

Don has also built trusted relationships over the years by being reliable, an expert in his work, collaborative, patient, and a good friend. One of the things that we will miss the most will be Don’s positive attitude and his heart! Don has been a steadying influence and strong voice when we needed it most!

As a part of Don’s transition into retirement, Don has decided that he would like to continue to mentor AMDG team members and will be continuing to invest his technical expertise into our team members and our work in 2023 and beyond – we would like to thank him for that as well, as we are indebted to Don for his loyalty to AMDG.

We are happy to bless Don in his retirement plans for travel, volunteering and continuing to enjoy his family and grandchildren. So please join us by reaching out to Don personally to congratulate him and let him know how much you have appreciated him!

On behalf of the entire AMDG team, thank you.