Mercy Health Concierge Medicine


To better understand how AMDG designed a new space for Mercy Health Physician Partners Concierge Medicine, it’s important to know what the practice is all about. Founded in 2016 by Dr. William Baer and his partners, Concierge Medicine offers a model of care that is highly accessible, personal, and tailored to the needs of the patient.

For an annual fee, patients of all ages enjoy 24/7 access to their provider (the practice has two). Membership also includes comprehensive annual physicals, screenings, and labs, along with a range of proactive dietary, physical therapy, nutrition, and exercise physiology services—all under one roof.

New Vista Medical Office Building

Knowing that Dr. Baer was looking to move Concierge Medicine from its cramped downtown office quarters, builder and property developer, First Companies, suggested that he reach out to AMDG, which had recently designed a space for another practice in the newly constructed New Vista Medical Office Building. The only hitch? Design and build-out needed to be competed within an aggressive project timeline.


Concierge Medicine doesn’t feel like any other primary care experience. AMDG collaborated with Kathryn Chaplow Design on a palette of colors, furnishings, and finishes that convey a feeling of home. From the book-filled front waiting area to the richly textured exam rooms, the overall effect is fitting for a place where doctors and staff are on a first-name basis with patients.

Mercy Health Concierge


AMDG worked with Dr. Baer and his team on an entry experience that allows doctors and receptionists to greet patients as they walked in the door. Standing-height physician workstations are situated directly behind the reception area so that doctors are in immediately view and there to say hello. A clear glass panel divides the physician workstations from the reception area for patient privacy and confidentiality while maintaining visual access to the doctors. The sense of openness is enhanced by the exterior views and natural light that enters the office throughout the day—a benefit to both patients and staff.


For patients preferring to be alone or catch something on TV, a patient lounge is tucked toward the back of the office. The practice also has respite areas for patients to make calls, read a book, take a nap, or work if they’re not close to their office. Meanwhile, staff members benefit from a private kitchen and well-appointed break lounge to keep them rejuvenated and ready to serve patients.


To meet the practice’s strict timeline and ensure all building and design professionals were on the same page, AMDG facilitated weekly design meetings. With all project stakeholders present, from builders to interior design, the process promoted transparency and open communication. It also gave the client peace of mind knowing the project was progressing on budget and with maximum efficiency.


While the geometry of the practice’s floor plan may be unconventional, visitors would never know it. From the way patients advance through the care process (whether it’s lab testing, an exam, or a procedure) to the discrete location of consultation rooms, AMDG worked closely with Dr. Baer and his team to make patient and staff navigation intuitive and efficient.

“AMDG had the experience to help us shape the space we wanted, while being cost-effective and working within a compressed timeline. They were honest, impeccable with their work, and had the process in place to keep everyone working toward a shared goal.”

-Dr. William Baer, Mercy Health Physician Partners Concierge Medicine


A system-wide software implementation necessitated an aggressive project timeline. Working closely with First Companies, the AMDG team helped the practice meet its goal with nearly three weeks to spare. Today, the design of the space is friendly and inviting. Most of all, it makes it easy for doctors and staff to meaningfully connect with patients and provide an experience worthy of the name Concierge Medicine.