• Lakefront cottage exterior

Lakefront Cottage

A cottage like no other

When the homeowners approached AMDG, they knew what they didn’t want: a typical Michigan cottage. The process of creating a second home was equally unconventional. AMDG developed two design solutions, in parallel, allowing the couple to weigh and consider their options. The first was a two-cottage design: one for the homeowners, the other for guests; this included a shared outdoor space between the two buildings. The second design, and ultimate winner, was a single residence with a shared space indoors instead of out.

Exterior of lakefront cottage guest house

Repurposing the past

Due to its proximity to the road, the existing building that is now the guest quarters couldn’t be torn down and rebuilt. Working through a complexity of zoning challenges, AMDG repurposed the aging building instead. The resulting space is fully in keeping with the rest of house while maintaining a sense of the past.

No basement, no problem

A high water table made it impossible to have a basement space for mechanicals. AMDG came up with several creative alternatives: stacking equipment behind access panels and tucking the rest beneath the garage. This solution came with the added benefit of service crews not needing access to living areas.

“AMDG listens and asks the right questions. They did a good job of understanding what we wanted and translating it into our cottage design.”

– Homeowner

A place to come together

What would typically be a basement recreation space was re-imagined one floor up. This shared family space features a lake view, balcony, and plenty of room for family and guests to gather.

Exterior of lakefront cottage

Collaborative design

Working closely with the homeowner’s interior designer, AMDG explored everything from finishes to how each space would ultimately feel and perform. This personality carried through into every detail of the home’s architecture.

Magnificently Unique

From their initial conversations with AMDG to the day they moved into their cottage, the homeowners never doubted their choice of architect. While the project met with unique zoning and geographical challenges, AMDG found ways to turn potential negatives into overwhelming positives. This holds true for the home’s preexisting structure, which guests now vie for every visit. In the end AMDG was creating a relationship, along with a cottage like no other.