Timothy Christian High School


“No one understands the relationship between physical space and learning better than AMDG.
They capture your dream and your vision, then draw and design it.”
– Matt Davidson, Superintendent


After devising a comprehensive campus master plan, and successfully redesigning TCS’s middle school and competition gym, AMDG partnered on a redesign of the high school. From the outdated interior to the lack of variety in its learning and common spaces, the school was in need of transformation.

With the school’s faith-based mission at the forefront—and a clearly defined design and delivery process—AMDG created an enriching 21st century school environment. Focused on student thriving, building design was thoughtfully reimagined with collaborative/common areas, a student union, settings for focused work, student enclaves, and more. Plus, mobile furnishings and technology are now flexible enough to suit a range of teaching modes. Most of all, the school has an identity the entire community can rally around for decades to come.