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41 Sheldon - Home of ArtPrize and Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Collaborative and Separate

ArtPrize envisioned a unique shared working relationship with Compass that would enrich one another’s cultures of work and study, while still providing each their own home to develop their separate brands and identities.

AMDG designed a new home for ArtPrize that enhances their rapidly growing identity as a catalyst for creativity and the exchanging of ideas that embody the spirit of the ArtPrize competition.  AMDG studied different scenarios to determine how ArtPrize and Compass could share overlapping spatial and operational requirements and also strategically separate them to meet their unique everyday needs.  The resulting design provides each group their own dedicated reception and office space, both on the main level.  A central common area just inside the main entry and kitchen, between the two office areas, creates a dynamic opportunity for ArtPrize and Compass to organically mix and interact day to day, providing for a mutually enriching relationship.  A film theatre provides educational presentation space for Compass and doubles as volunteer training and event space for ArtPrize.  The ArtPrize offices are generally open, conducive for the cross-pollination of ideas and cool imaginative vibe ArtPrize exudes.  The entire lower level is dedicated as Compass classroom, specialty studio space, and additional offices and is programmed around a central student lounge.

Swelling and Shrinking

ArtPrize needed a space that could smoothly morph from small office to major international art venue for two months of each year.

AMDG responded by designing a multifunctional space that could serve both ArtPrize and Compass needs, depending on the time of year.  A larger open studio space normally dedicated for Compass to use for student film production, can be transformed into ArtPrize venue and gallery during September and October, while Compass is just beginning a school year and working with students in a more lecture-style teaching format in classrooms on the lower level.  As the ArtPrize competition ends, Compass students move their work from classroom to studio and reclaim the shared space as a sound and film studio until the following ArtPrize in the fall season.

Public and Private

ArtPrize wanted an open office that had the ability to morph into a public hub for the ArtPrize community and still provide protected office space for staff during competition months.

To provide ArtPrize privacy during the fall competition, and still preserve an interactive work environment among staff for the bulk of the year, AMDG designed multiple moderately sized open office areas instead of one totally open space.  This allows ArtPrize the ability to transform some office space into public space and still have necessary private work area available for the ArtPrize crew.

Other unique elements at 41 Sheldon

1. Building Improvements that comply with Historic Preservation Commission guidelines

  • Touch-up of existing exterior block at areas previously painted
  • Roof membrane replacement that improves and retains functional and decorative features of the existing building.
  • New signage at existing entry that preserves historic character of building and neighborhood
  • New storefront that is compatible with the overall design of the existing building

2. Sustainable/environmentally sensitive building design elements

  • Reuse of existing walls – did not scrape clean and start over
  • Salvaged and reused existing doors and repurposed overhead coiling door
  • Recycled metal from demolition (ductwork, metal studs, etc.)
  • Reuse and refinish existing wood shelving and millwork
  • Provided views to the exterior from interior spaces
  • Maintained and increased natural light into the interior spaces through use of existing skylights and new interior glass partitions
  • Use of fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures
  • Reused existing light fixtures
  • Use of occupancy sensors for lighting control
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures


Via Design- Interior Design

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