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Ada Christian Outdoor Education
Grand Rapids Christian High School 21st Century Educational Improvements
Retina Specialists of West Michigan - Cascade
MVP Orchard Hills
Contemporary Michigan Residence
Grand Rapids Christian Middle School
Christian Reformed Conference Grounds
Benjamin`s Hope
Urban Condominium
Shingle Style Cottage on Lake Michigan
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Our Philosophy

Creating excellent environments and building lasting relationships.


The focus of our talents and experience is in serving our clients needs and aspirations.  This is the fundamental principle in which we ground our practice, a conviction based on decades of professional experience.


  • being stewards of your resources
  • advocating for your best interests throughout the process
  • leveraging and leading creative and collaborative people and processes for you
  • understanding and passionately promoting your purpose / mission through good design and good listening.
  • delivering what we promise


We understand design not as an end in and of itself but as a tool.  To us, design is:

  • Design is purposeful  – all of our efforts and focus derive from our clients ultimate purpose.  Our team formation, process, design efforts, and technical resources are all channeled toward the goal of best serving the client’s objective / mission.  We believe the built environment is a powerful tool to strengthen and promote the mission and purpose of our clients.
  • Design is relational – our work involves a highly interactive process between all sorts of people.  Our work also requires the constant intertwining of the creative and the practical, as well as the animate and the inanimate.  The successful creation of built environments requires thoughtful dialogue, careful analysis, creative problem solving, and purposeful planning.  Commitment to people and collaboration between people is at the root of all these efforts.  
  • Design is transformational – we believe that our talents are ultimately best focused in transforming the built environment so that it yields a more rich, fulfilling, prosperous, and vibrant human experience.


AMDG is an acronym for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, which in Latin means, "To the greater glory of God." To fulfill this purpose we glorify God through serving, leading, and guiding others.

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