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Sustainable design resonates strongly with AMDG Architects’ commitment to innovation, excellence, and good stewardship. We have completed a wide variety of commercial and residential projects whose ultimate goal is the responsible use of resources during construction and into the future.

Considerations addressed by sustainable design include:

  • Site planning – helping you place your project for maximum energy efficiency, aesthetic value, and minimum impact on the environment
  • Materials – guiding you through the process of choosing sustainable and recycled building materials inside and out
  • Energy efficiency – creating a tight envelope with proper insulation, resourceful use of daylight, incorporation of passive cooling methods, and high-efficiency HVAC and plumbing systems to help minimize the project’s carbon footprint
  • Landscaping – using permeable paving, water collection systems, native plants and other methods to reduce the need for irrigation and provide harmony with the surroundings

Sustainable Strategies

  • AMDG approach to sustainability
  • Helping you make good decisions
  • Sustainable design strategies

LEED certification

Considered the gold standard in sustainable design, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is awarded based on a rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. If LEED certification is your goal, AMDG will help you achieve it with creative, visionary design that meets your needs and honors your commitment to sustainable living and work environments.

Featured Projects

Representative list of project experience:

41 Sheldon - Home of ArtPrize and Compass College of Cinematic Arts - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sustainable building design elements

Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School - Grand Rapids, Michigan
LEED® certification candidate

Sustainable Lakeshore Cottage - Laketown Township, Michigan
LEED® Silver certified

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