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Urban Condominium

This project was built on a historic landmark building, built in 1863 in the heart of an urban center. The challenge of this project was balancing the historic character of the building, while also adopting a modern design both structurally and aesthetically. The first step in this transformation was devising a solution that would conceal building systems within a compressed floor that allowed for higher ceilngs, achieving an open feeling. This meant adopting a clean, open and more efficient floor plan that would echo the structure of urban living. The interior features a spectrum of subdued white, grey and tan colors, along with minimal design furnishings that reflect its moderrn character. Yet the design was carful to maintain exposed brick walls and window frames that provide a gateway and a reminder to the building's historical sinificance. The condominium also features a rooftop deck, garden and ample fenestration, allowg both an abundance of natural light to enter as well as ample views of the city.

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