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We believe that you and your family are unique, and that a well-designed home is a reflection of who you are, how you live, and what is important to you.  It represents your personality and lifestyle.

Because a home’s character grows from what’s important to you, we seek to understand your values and priorities. We combine your needs, ideas, and dreams with the unique design opportunities offered by the building site to inform our design process and guide our creative juices.

Our process for residential architectural design starts with a conversation with you because our desire as your architect is to listen and understand your aspirations. We give shape to your vision by designing with you collaboratively, using a mix of media—from hand-drawn sketches to digital images, drawings, and models. We continually communicate with you and the project team—typically the builder and interior designer—to confirm that we’re aligned with your objectives. And we lead the process to test the design against your budget.

Whether your site is high on a bluff overlooking water or laden with shade trees in a downtown historic district, we offer creative, custom solutions that are functional, durable, and delightful—always accommodating scale and proportion.

Our residential architects advocate for you by equipping you with the information you need to make good decisions. We believe in collaboration and leveraging the strengths of the team to realize the greatest value from your investment. Ultimately, we deliver a design for your home that is tailored to your values, priorities and lifestyle.

Contact us to start a conversation about your vision for custom home design. 


Representative list of project experience:

Contemporary Michigan Residence
2014 - Michigan

American Barn Style Family Recreation House
2005 - Michigan, 2010 - Addition

Shingle Style Summer Home on Lake Michigan
2012 - Michigan

Private Residence Exterior Living Space - patio renovation
2010 - Michigan

West Michigan Custom Home Renovation - major renovation
2010 - Michigan

Private Guest House - major renovation
2010 - Michigan

Private Residence - major renovation
2009 - Michigan

Shingle Style Cottage on Lake Michigan
2010 - West Olive, Michigan

Custom Pool House at Holland Residence - major renovation
2009 - Michigan

Sustainable Lakeshore Cottage
2009 - Laketown Township, Michigan

Lakeshore Cottage on Grand Traverse Bay
2009 - Leelanau Township, Michigan

Private Residence on Lake Macatawa - guest house, pool, and exterior improvements to home
2008 - Park Township, Michigan

Private Residence
2007 - Plainfield Township, Michigan

Private Residence - program and design
2007 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Private Cottage on Lake Michigan - beach deck and stair
2007 - Michigan

Private Residence - master suite renovation
2007 - Michigan

Private Residence - maintenance building
2007 - Michigan

New England Shingle Style Vacation Cottage on Lake Michigan
2006 - Park Township, Michigan 

Private Residence - program and design
2006 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Homestead
2005 - Michigan

Private Residence
2004 - Kent County, Michigan

Private Residence on Lake Michigan - program and design 
2003 - Michigan

Charlie's Ice Cream Shoppe - historic renovation of bed and breakfast for retail / residential condominium / ice cream shoppe
2002 Saugatuck, Michigan

Private Recreational Amenities - pool house, pool, basketball court and hot tub
2002 - Grand Rapids, Michigan



Private Residence - program and design
2002 - Murray Lake, Michigan

Private Residence - addition and renovation
2001 - East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Traditional Summer Cottage on Lake Michigan Waterfront
2000 - Holland, Michigan

Guest Cottage on Lake Michigan
2000 - Holland, Michigan

Holland Cottage on Lake Michigan
2001 - Holland, Michigan

Private Residence - program and design
2001 - Saugatuck, Michigan

Private Vacation Cottage on Lake Michigan
2001 - Holland, Michigan

Private Residence - addition and renovation
2001 - Ada, Michigan

Private Residence - renovation
2001 - Cascade, Michigan

Private Vacation Home - program and design
2001 - Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan

Quimby-Holstege Cottage

2001 - Leelanau County, Michigan

Afton Residence - renovation
1999 - East Grand Rapids, Michigan

Marmion Cottage
1999 - Traverse City, Michigan

Missouri Residence

Brouwer Residence
1998 - Saranac, Michigan

Fifarek Residence
1998 - Caledonia, Michigan

Smith Cottage
1998 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Vander Heide Residence - renovation
1998 - Cascade, Michigan

Enoch and Nancy Jen Residence
1996 - Hudsonville, Michigan

Private Residence
1995 - Lowell, Michigan

Urban Condominium

Williamson Residence - addition and renovation to 100 year old farmhouse
1993 - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tree House - Michigan

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