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Retina Specialists of West Michigan - Cascade

We continue to marvel at the work that your team performed. We will continue to refer our collegues on to AMDG. - Client

Retina Cascade faced a number of issues before they approached AMDG. Among these issues were long waiting periods and overall customer dissatisfaction. Their problem wasen't poor service or demand, but rather design centered. Following new trends in the health sector, AMDG approached the problem with a "lean design" concept in mind. This meant that shared spaces, collaboration and open plan features were prioritized over specialized spaces. After analyzing patient and worker flow, evaluating the use of the space and working closely with clients, AMDG designed a layout that fit Retina Cascade's needs and ensured a more efficient use of space. By eliminating unused rooms, creating shared work spaces and centralizing the office layout, the office maximized value and allowed Retina to better serve its customers.

With crisp modern interiors the new office evokes a serene and welcoming atmosphere for patients which had resulted in an overwhelming positive experience for worker and customers alike.

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