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Speaker Series Calendar

At AMDG, we're committed to providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our Speaker Series, which was formerly open only to our staff, is now open to the public!

Our format for our speaker series is intentionally casual in order to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas. This is a "brown bag" concept event- where people can bring in their own lunch and we will supplement with munchies and beverages. We are very close to Two Beards Deli @ 38 commerce in case you want to pick up a sandwich close by.

Click on the calendar event to view details.  RSVP to  or call 616.454.1600.  Time for Q&A and conversation will be included. Join us!

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February Speaker Series

Keith Winn

Keith Winn is the President of Catlyst Partners, a West Michigan-based business established in 2002 that has engaged in the development and application of restorative design and verification practices for buildings, interiors, and products. For the past twenty-five years he has been an active participant in the evolution of design, construction and manufacturing standards used to assess, measure and verify the human and environmental impacts of products and the built environment.

Keith's extensive experience includes 25 years at Herman Miller, Inc., directing the design of a wide variety of domestic and international projects. While working in Herman Miller's Advanced Research Group he became a founding member of the U.S. Green building council and participated in research projects to quantify green building benefits.

Keith Winn

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