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Our Team

  • Peter  Hugo Baldwin
  • Martin  Cervantes,
  • Dru  Chapman Lewis
  • Donald A. Cok
  • Christie   Doty
  • Ellen   Duperon
  • Brent R. Dykstra
  • Sheri Lynn Helmer
  • Debra  Hobson
  • Richard   Jaeger
  • Michael   Jen
  • Brenda  Lamfers
  • Todd   Palmer
  • Michael   Paul
  • Stacy  Rorick
  • Sarah  Rowse
  • Thomas J. Sinke
  • Sue  Soper
  • Adam J. Westmaas
  • John  Whitten
  • Travis   Williams
  • Rick  Willinger
  • Mark  Wrona
  • Nancy K. Zeilstra
Rick  Willinger

Rick Willinger


STATEMENT OF PASSION: Rick’s passion is to work with Design Architects to transform a concept into a set of working documents that can be clearly understood by the construction trades as necessary to construct a building that mirrors the true intent of the designer. Problem solving and in-depth detailing are fundamental to his passion and are enhanced by yet another passion of his which is actual building, having been a carpenter himself for a number of years.

Professional Experience

Registered Architect ,State of Arizona and State of Ohio
Licenced Builder, State of Michigan
Journeyman Carpenter
Member - Construction Specification Institute, CSI
Award of Distinction for the establishement of the Educational Scholarship awarded to a colege student Majoring in a construction related field.


Interests and Hobbies:

Weekend road trips


Commitment to Community

Founder of the Laminin Group, a 501(c) 3 orginization dedicated to helping families with children and adults with developemental disabilities.
Member and one of the five original couples who founded the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan.
Volunteer work at Calvary Non-Denominational Church
Former Team Leader and Board Member for Habitat for Humanity.
Former Board Member for the Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change.

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