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Our Team

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Richard   Jaeger

Richard Jaeger

Senior Architect

STATEMENT OF PASSION: Richard's passion has always been to create beautiful and functional architecture to serve the people who utilize it. Whether it is a school, a home or an office, he seeks to make it a positive difference in people’s lives. He strives to be successful in whatever he does with the talents God gave him, as written in Colossians 3:23. He loves to solve problems, create solutions, fix things, resolve errors, learn from mistakes and pass on knowledge to others. He has a need to analyze things and try to make them more efficient. He gets great satisfaction from a job well done.

Professional Experience 

TR Design Group, Architecture 
Riverside, California 
November 2013 to present 
2007 - May 2013 - Project Manager

California Baptist University
Riverside, California 
Spring 2015 - Adjunct Professor

TCA Architects, Inc 
Irvine, California 
May - November 2013 - Architect, T.Designer 

A&E West Inc. 
Murrieta, California
2001 - 2007 - Director of Production, CAD/ BIM manager

JCJ Architecture
Hartford, Connecticut
2000 - 2001 - Job Captain

Combs-Marr Architects 
Riverside, California
1996 - 2000 Job Captain 

MCG Architecture 
Irvine, California
1995 - 1996 - Job Captain

Interests and Hobbies  

Playing guitar
Recording music
Remodeling projects 


California State University - Long Beach
Long Beach, California 
Bachelor of Arts - Interior Design 

El Camino College 
Torrence, California 
Associate of Arts in Architecture 

Registrations, Certifications, Awards/ Distinctions 
Registered Architect - State of California 
International Code Council - Licensed building plans examiner
United States Green Building Council 


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