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Our Team

  • Peter  Hugo Baldwin
  • Martin  Cervantes,
  • Dru  Chapman Lewis
  • Donald A. Cok
  • Christie   Doty
  • Ellen   Duperon
  • Brent R. Dykstra
  • Sheri Lynn Helmer
  • Debra  Hobson
  • Richard   Jaeger
  • Michael   Jen
  • Brenda  Lamfers
  • Todd   Palmer
  • Michael   Paul
  • Stacy  Rorick
  • Sarah  Rowse
  • Thomas J. Sinke
  • Sue  Soper
  • Adam J. Westmaas
  • John  Whitten
  • Travis   Williams
  • Rick  Willinger
  • Mark  Wrona
  • Nancy K. Zeilstra

 2016 Team picture


What We're Reading

Check out the collection of books we've been reading.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

The Goldfinch

Quiet- Susan Cain

Geography of Bliss


ABOUT US Books Seven men and the secret of their greatness, eric metaxas

ABOUT US Books The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert

Smoke by Dan Vyleta

ABOUT US Books - 61-Hours,-by-Lee-Child.jpg

Thinking Fast and Slow 

Masterpieces of American Architecture 

ABOUT US Books - Every-Good-Endeavor-Tim-Keller.jpg


ABOUT US Books - emotionally-healthy-spirituality.jpg



ABOUT US Books - The-Gardens-of-the-Moon-by-Steven-Erikson.jpg

david and goliath - gladwell-resize

the art of possibility by zander-resized

Girl on the Train

About Us Books Orange is the new black by Piper Kerman.jpg


ABOUT US Books - Complications-Atul-Gawande.jpg

Why should anyone be led by you?



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