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Calvin College Scholarship

The A.M.D.G. Scholarship at Calvin College is given annually by the firm to a student in their second, third or fourth year in the pre-architecture program and demonstrating interest in pursuing a career in architecture. This scholarship is based on financial need with preference given to ethnic minority or international students, women and/or non-Christian Reformed Church members. In accepting this award, the recipient is encouraged to make contributions to this endowed fund or to Calvin College in later years as he or she is financially able, thus enabling future students to receive scholarship assistance. AMDG has sponsored this scholarship since 2000.


Janelle   Bellamy

Janelle Bellamy

2016 scholarship recipient

Janelle Bellamy was born in Hudsonville, MI where she grew up with her parents and younger sister. She is currently a sophomore at Calvin College pursuing a degree in Civil/ Environmental Engineering along with minors in Mathematics and Architecture. After completing her studies at Calvin, she plans to attend graduate school to obtain a Masters of Architecture through which she hopes to serve God's Kingdom. Janelle enjoys traveling and playing tennis on her spare time.

Nathania   Wijaya

Nathania Wijaya

2015 recipient

Nathania Wijaya is currently a senior studying Studio Art and Architecture. She grew up in a small town in Indonesia called Semarang in central Java, Indonesia. After graduating from Calvin, Nathania hopes to continue to graduate school to pursue a Master's in Architecture as well as further her studies in Studio Art. In her free time, Nathania enjoys playing Dutch Blitz and is interested in developing and printing pictures.

John Michael LaSalle

John Michael LaSalle

2013 recipient

John Michael LaSalle, class of 2014, grew up moving around every few years in France, Germany, and the US. He graduated with a degree in international development and minor in architecture, which he plans on using in a career in international public-interest design. John Michael enjoys good food, art, bikes, and walking around looking at buildings.

Katie  Nelessen

Katie Nelessen

2012 recipient

Katie Nelessen is currently a senior, pursuing a major in business marketing with a minor in architecture. Katie grew up in a small town in the Wisconsin Northwoods with her three siblings, and has always enjoyed learning and running. She discovered her love for design when she was nine, obsessing over LEGOs and observing her parents design their home. After graduating from Calvin College, Katie hopes to continue her education at graduate school for a Masters of Architecture.

MoonGyu  Jung

MoonGyu Jung

2012 recipient

Moon is from Busan, South Korea where his parents used to own a small furniture retail store. A class of 2013 student, Moon pursues a business-marketing major with minors in architecture and psychology. After he serves his 3 year military duty as a South Korean man, Moon hopes to attend graduate school for a Master of Architecture and Business. He is truly passionate about both fields and looks forward to offering himself as a tool before God’s kingdom. Moon also enjoys photography and tennis.

Elliot  Spronk

Elliot Spronk

2011 recipient

Elliot is from Edgerton, Minnesota, and graduated from Calvin with a degree in civil/environmental engineering and a minor in architecture. He plans to continue his education by pursuing a master's of architecture and hopes to utilize both his engineering degree and his architectural degree in his future career. Elliot enjoys running, cycling and photography.

Brianna  Perez

Brianna Perez

2009 and 2010 recipient

Brianna is from Elkhorn, Wisconsin. A class of 2011 student at Calvin in the pre-architecture program, Brianna majored in interdisciplinary studies, with an emphasis in art, engineering, math, and a minor in Spanish. Beginning in 2011, she will be serving as a Neighborhood Development Coordinator at the Agape Community Center through AmeriCorps VISTA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Brianna is also considering graduate school for a master of architecture and urban planning, with a focus on environmental design. Brianna enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking.

Jenna  Short

Jenna Short

2011 recipient

Jenna grew up in Palmyra, New York, and knew she wanted to be an architect since early high school because of her love for math, art, drawing, and modeling with found materials. She came to Calvin in search of a Christian education that offered an architecture program out of state. A class of 2014 student in the pre-architecture program, Jenna pursues a minor in architecture and possibly an interdisciplinary major. She plans to possibly attend Judson University for graduate school, become an architect for a Christian organization, and work in green architecture. Jenna enjoys camping, hiking, crafts, clarinet, and badminton.

Katie  (VanDam) Potts

Katie (VanDam) Potts

2010 recipient

Katie grew up in Grand Rapids, attended Creston Christian and Grand Rapids Christian High where she played in the orchestra and on the softball team. A class of 2012 Calvin student, Katie pursues a degree in pre-architecture, art, and a minor in business. She hopes to attend graduate school for a Master of Architecture and Business and has special interest in sustainable architecture. Katie volunteers at the youth group and missions outreach at LaGrave CRC. Katie enjoys time with family, boating and water activities.

Abbie  Belford

Abbie Belford

2008 and 2009 recipient

In 2009, Abbie completed her second year at Calvin. Abbie is from Batavia, Illinois, and is pursuing a degree in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in geography, international development, and sociology. Abbie is enrolled in the pre-architecture program. She plans to further study architecture and urban planning and hopes to work for a non-profit designing and implementing sustainable development programs in third world countries. Abbie enjoys playing on the Calvin tennis team, playing flute, and engaging in debates as part of Student Senate.

Stephen  Kim

Stephen Kim

2007 recipient

A 2008 Calvin graduate, Stephen plans to pursue a Master of Architecture. Stephen would like to develop a more global understanding of the architectural field. His goals include seeking licensure, LEED certification and firm ownership with his sister. Stephen is particularly interested in urban sustainable living, working with developing nations to homes for people in need as well as philosophy and architectural theory. Stephen enjoys drawing, ceramics, sculpture, tennis, beach and indoor volleyball.

Michael  Rodriguez

Michael Rodriguez

2006 recipient

Michael is currently a junior at Calvin. He plans to pursue an interdisciplinary degree of art, sociology, and geography in addition to minors in Spanish and urban studies while at Calvin. He plays the piano, drums and viola.

Atsen G. Bulus

Atsen G. Bulus

2004-2005 recipient

Atsen 'AT' Bulus and his family are originally from Nigeria and now live in Illinois. Now a Calvin graduate, he plans to pursue a career in architecture. In his free time AT enjoys playing sports, including soccer, basketball and skateboarding.

Nyela  Turaki

Nyela Turaki

2003 recipient

Nyela, a senior from Nigeria, was an art major at Calvin with hopes of entering the architecture field. Nyela unexpectedly passed away in June 2004.

Rama  Suparta

Rama Suparta

2002 recipient

Rama pursued a double major in Business and Engineering at Calvin College, and graduated in 2005. He hopes to get his MBA and Master of Architecture degrees to pursue a career in architecture, finance or real estate.

Nadia Rydingsward

2000 and 2001 recipient

San Juan Diego Academy Endowment Fund

The A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc. Endowment Fund at San Juan Diego Academy provides scholarship money for San Juan Diego Academy students that aids in nurturing future Hispanic Catholic leaders.


AMDG's establishment of endowment funding for San Juan Diego Academy Scholarships is a major contribution to our community! Thank you for being a company that lives out high moral Christian values.  As stewards of God's gifts, the team approach your company takes is remarkable!

Personally, I want to thank you for using the AMDG name. As a former teacher, I had my students write random thank you notes to people they saw in the school and community who were putting themselves third. We taught that God is first, others are second, and I am third because when we put God first He puts us first by strengthening us to serve others.  Each anonymous letter was signed, 'A.M.D.G. Ad Majorem Dei Glorium, For The Greater Glory of God'. Now as a Character Educator, I spread the Good News of servant leadership through school assemblies.

AMDG is a wonderful name for your company and your website is refreshingly filled with fantastic philosophies.  With SJDA introducing me to your company and philanthropy, I am now a fan and referral for life!  Thank you for all that you do!"

Doug Johnson, Former SJDA Teacher

Educational Support Services Endowment Fund

The A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc. Educational Support Services Endowment Fund supports the Grand Rapids Christian Schools (GRCS) by ensuring that the GRCS possess the resources needed to support and celebrate the gifts and abilities of each student. Understanding that children have different learning styles and varying strengths and challenges, GRCS offers Educational Support Services (ESS) for those who may need assistance beyond the traditional classroom to ensure success for all of its students. ESS serves over 350 children among all Grand Rapids Christian Schools with a wide variety of individualized services, including short term tutoring, testing, academic support, and inclusion services for special needs students.

Daniel Visser Applied Technology Fund

A.M.D.G. Architects, Inc. established the Daniel Visser Applied Technology Fund at the Grand Rapids Christian Schools Foundation in honor of Daniel Visser, a former teacher at Grand Rapids Christian High School (GRCHS). This fund helps to ensure that the Applied Technology program at GRCHS possesses the resources needed to provide excellent educational programs, is equipped with current technology to advance learning, and utilizes state of the art equipment to train students in the areas of construction, manufacturing, engineering, and architecture.


The Gift of Being Valued

 Daniel Visser was not a model student in the 1950s at Grand Rapids Christian High. He shakes his head: “I did some crazy things.”

 Academics, he admits, were not his strong suit. But running and repairing the machinery on a farm, learning to use a builder’s tools and printing equipment – those summer and after-school jobs he relished.

 “God used it all to prepare me and then stuck me in the place where I was supposed to be,” Dan says.

 That place was the applied technology program at Christian High. When he began teaching in 1960, it was called “shop” – metal shop and wood shop. By the time he retired in 2000, the program, under his direction, had evolved into much more.

 “I took every class I could from Mr. Vis,” Peter Baldwin says. “I remember in architectural drawing I drew a Swiss house, like my grandparents’ house. I really enjoyed that.”

 “Peter was a happy, bouncy kind of kid,” Dan remembers. “He wanted to soak it all up.”

 Peter is now president of AMDG Architects, Inc. Two of his three partners – Tom Sinke and Don Cok – also first tried their hands at drafting in Dan’s class. “When we wanted to give back, it was a logical fit to give a gift that would fuel that program,” Peter says. So the firm has established the Dan Visser Applied Technology Fund at Grand Rapids Christian Schools Foundation to help underwrite the necessary and expensive equipment and materials of the program.

 But there’s a lot more than logic behind the gift.

 “The thing that impacted me profoundly about Mr. Vis,” Peter says, “far more than the fact that he introduced us to architecture, was that I knew he cared not only for me, but for every kid in his classes. The kids who weren’t college prep but who could do things with their hands, the kids who didn’t fit – who weren’t class officers or athletes or on the homecoming court – the kids who were angry and rebellious, and the ones who weren’t – Mr. Vis loved all of us and saw value in each of us. He saw that everybody’s created in God’s image.

 “The tough kids were mine, without a doubt,” Dan says, “because I had been one of them. A big goal of mine was to give them a sense of accomplishment, because I felt that success was contagious. If a kid could be successful in my class, that success could carry into math and history and English. An applied technology program isn’t necessarily valuable for the institution. But it’s terribly valuable for certain kids.”

 “That’s why it was so important for us to honor Mr. Vis,” Peter says. “We wanted his name and his legacy remembered, and his program supported.”

-2009 Grand Rapids Christian Schools Annual Report

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