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About Us

Your team is not only top notch but also fun to work with. It is great working with a company that you can trust and know that they are always looking out for the client’s best interest."

- Joe, Residential Client

Who We Are

AMDG is an architectural design firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our mission is to create excellent environments and build lasting relationships. Our goal is to envision and design purposeful, relational, and transformational architectural solutions for the spaces where people live and work. 

We've chosen to be an architectural firm without engineers in-house. That strategic decision allows us to assemble a unique team of experts for each project. We choose the engineers and consultants whose unique expertise best meets the client’s needs. This team-based approach is especially useful to clients who come to us with a complex set of problems or challenges.  Our ability to tailor our team to your needs allows us to be successful in approaching various challenges, including lack of consensus among various constituencies, special sites, zoning challenges, or issues that require highly technical solutions.

We have provided architectural services for many different design applications, including:


  • residential 
  • recreational
  • educational
  • faith-based
  • not-for-profit
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • health care
  • sustainable environments


  • AMDG designs approximately 35 to 60 projects annually, with construction budgets that typically run from $350,000 to $20 million. The result is annual figures of $20-$40 million in construction costs and AMDG billings in the range of $2-3 million.
  • AMDG consistently operates with the highest ratio of registered architects to total employees in West Michigan. Our team brings over 130 years of cumulative experience in the practice of architecture. 
  • Since 1992, AMDG has worked more than 700 projects with construction costs of over $500 million. 


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